BlackBerry 9630 "尼亚加拉" 预览 (蓝色首发)


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We’ve seen a video of the BlackBerry 9630’s hardware, but what we really want to know is how the ol’ girl runs. You can only say so much about a prerelease operating system[img=10,10][/img],but there are a few things worth noting: a lot was borrowed from theStorm, such as gestures, only you’re using the trackball rather than atouchscreen. Those silky-smooth screen transitions also make the leapto QWERTY-dom, as does much of the user interface. In fact, the 9630Niagara is so similar to the Storm, it also lacks Wi-Fi. It’ssad the sacrifices RIM still makes to artificially segment theirproducts - really guys, just put Wi-Fi on everything, the carriers youpiss off by cutting into data revenue will be counterbalanced byvoluminous happy customers. Despite the shortcoming, BG isoverwhelmingly happy with the Niagara.
我们已经看过BlackBerry 9630的视频,但是我们真正想知道的是她的性能如何. 现在比较清楚的只有已经预先发布的操作系统,不过还是有一些东东值得注意: 它从Storm那里借鉴了很多, 比如手势等,只不过你是用滚迹球手势代替了触摸屏手势.另外平滑的屏幕切换效果也跟Storm上应用的QWERTY-dom系统雷同, 另外大部分的用户界面(UI)也很相似. 事实上,9630与Storm是如此的类似, 它同Storm都同样没有Wi-Fi. 不幸的天煞的RIM还是人为的产品线中制造断层 - 要是RIM真有种,就把Wi-Fi安装到每个手机上.这样运营商可能会因为你的年度营收数据缩减而懊恼, 但是你却会收获数不清的快乐的消费者.
尽管有这些缺点, BG(英文原作者)还是十分喜欢尼亚加拉.